As of the Laravel 5 release, it no longer comes with the HTML or Form Facades. This is for a few reasons that don’t really matter. All you need to know is that they are still maintained and available as composer packages, and here is how to use them:

First, install them via composer as such:

Then add the service provider and facades to your app.php config file:

You now have access to the Form and HTML facades as you did in Laravel 4.

Here is how to create form macros, or import macros you may have made from an old Laravel 4 site, into your Laravel 5 application.

First you need to create a macros file, I usually make an app/Services/Macros.php file, or something along the lines, it doesn’t matter where you put it as long as you connect all of the components correctly.

We will start with this for now:

This is where we will put all of our form macros, but first we have to tell the application how to use it.

First, create a MacroServiceProvider.php file in app/Providers, and then add it to your provider list in app.php.

Now, whatever form macros we set up in Macros.php will be available to our application. Lets add one:

Now you can call Form::selectState() in any view, and have it display a nice list of US States to select from. You can specify the parameters as the input name, default selected value, and array of options such as ['class' => 'form-control'].

You can see all of this in action, as well as many pre-defined macros ready for use in my Laravel Boilerplate Project.